10 restaurants in Rotterdam you should definitely visit (one or more times!)

image-ce570abb6a93dbca59cea981e4258ccc05628703b0cbe2bf04c8a9476c683844-VEither you are a tourist or a permanent citizen in Rotterdam, here are the cool places for nice food and drinks in Rotterdam.

20140215_1648421. Cafe Van Zanten
Located on Meent street, number 44. Here you will eat the best burger of the city, among other delicious meals!

2. Happy Italy
Next to «Cafe Van Zanten» you will find this pretty 3-floor Italian restaurant which is usually crowded (with future clients waiting in lines for a table). Here you will find delicious pastas, a wide variety of pizzas and antipastis, but the best comes in the end: For dessert among tiramisu and panacota, you could always enjoy a hot pizza nutella! Yummy!

20140313_1953213. Bazar
This big, central restaurant with the unique, colorful decoration serves delicious dishes mainly of turkish and arab cuisine. You should definitely try the chicken stick (souvlaki in Greek), the humuz and the sigara böregi.

4. Bokal
This cozy bar – mainly decorated with wood objects- serves various well-known beers, but you will love their homemade fries and their plate of different kinds of bread and sauses.

20150709_1100455. Vlaamsch Broodhuys
On Meent street you will find this unique place. It’s half bakery (some various types of bread are sold here) and half restaurant. With around 10 euros per person you could enjoy some slices of the different kinds of bread of the bakery served with a variety of salads, cheese, meat and sauses. You will full your stomach and you will definitely want to come back!

6. The all day Greek
Inside Markthal (the new, impressive food-mall of Rotterdam) you will find one of the best Greek restaurants of the country. Now it’s time to taste gyros, souvlaki, feta, mousaka and some many other well-known Greek dishes. Don’t forget to order a glass of Greek wine («imiglikos» if you want my opinion) and taste the famous Greek pastries which are full of syrup!

20140128_1729077. Dudok
This all-day cafe-restaurant serves a wide variety of drinks and meals. I love the natural mint tea
served with honey and I wil always be a fan of Dudok’s Club sandwich and fish and chips. Just remeber: Dudok is popular for its’ apple-pie served with ice-cream and whipped cream (claimed «the best apple pie in the Netherlands»).

8. Kostas de Griek
Another nice Greek restaurant located in the Alexander area. Here you will find all the typical Greek dishes but trust me when I say that in this restaurant you should eat fish and sea-food! They are cooked and served in an unbelievable, delicious way!

9. Break Away
Close to the central station you will find this 2-floor bar-restaurant which serves a variety of hot meals and 14 different types of burger! After you finish with your food, you could keep drinking your beer and play some pool.

20140523_20092910. A La Plancha
Unfortunately, you can visit this place only every summer (it’s open for 3 months more or less). It is located in the famous Noordereiland and it is literally next to Maas river. Here you will find fresh grilled fish (you have to choose from 2-3 specific types every-day), green or other salads and nice drinks.
What is your favorite restaurant in Rotterdam? Can you recommend anyone? We will be happy to read your suggestions!



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