Everything Greek that I don’t want to forget

photo by Thrasos Panou
photo by Thrasos Panou

This article was first published in Iamgreek.nl

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I left my country to go to a new place where I would have a better future – the same thing that a lot of people from countries which experienced a crisis decided. By the time I was leaving I believed that I will miss millions of things in Greece – many of them have been missed indeed – but I lost a lot of tears by knowing that what I will miss the most would be several people.

During the last days I experienced an unfortunate incident – while I was spending my time in my birth-town. However, this unfortunate incident made me realized that no matter how many bad things we heard the last years (we let them say all these stuff, that is the saddest thing!) we have something inside us which could be called as a “demon”. No matter how much controversy Greeks have received they remain capable for many things. No matter how much Greeks have been called “lazy” they work really hard and they don’t earn much. No matter how much other nations claimed to be the ones with the “appropriate attitude” regarding everything, Greek temperament is always touching.

I feel that I should have written this post a long time ago. Me more than many other people, because I was one of those who left her home some years ago – so over with everything I was experiencing around me – and I was having the belief that somewhere else people had already found the “big secret” of happiness and prosperity which we – the uncivilized ones – didn’t find yet. So I had to live in a developed country in order to understand some simple things: Greeks heard so many and so terrible things and actually they didn’t deserve them (just give me any domain you think that doesn’t work properly in Greece and I can prove you in a couple of minutes that in many developed countries things are not so much better!). In addition, Greece is not beautiful because we, the Greek people just claim it is. Greece is probably the most beautiful place in the world and it just happens – with complete honesty – many people to feel jealous for us who live in this amazing place (if a stupid one doesn’t agree it is because he/she have never been to Greece). Finally, no matter how many relations and friendships we make abroad, the friends who will stand by us without wanting to get something back – even if some people still deny it – will be mainly Greeks.

I don’t know when I will return to Greece. I don’t know when all these desperate people who left will decide to come back. What I know is that now – instead of the near past – I want to go back to Greece. I am less mad with this country which always make us leave away and I even more less pissed off with the Greek people who often are more capable and worthy than what they usually are permitted to believe. But I already told you that: This is our fault! Unfortunately, most of the times we choose to listen others and not ourselves who already know the truth!



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